The Disrupters: Gear Shift

Indičtí taxikáři z nich nejsou vůbec nadšení a tradiční firmy jako Ford kvůli nim musí přemýšlet, jak přenastavit svůj stávající byznys. Technologie Lyft a Uber nebo třeba autonomní řízení vozidel, na kterém pracují v Silicon Valley, zásadně proměňují automobilový průmysl. Připravili jsme spolu s The Economist další video ze série The Disrupters, dnes částečně i o tom, jak se mění vnímání aut. Jak to máš ty? Is riding the new driving? Chceš mít svoje vlastní auto, nebo ti úplně stačí mít možnost se svézt, když to právě potřebuješ?

Cars of the future – tech and apps will make you ride not drive

The car is the world’s most underutilized asset – and the car industry is regarded by some as the most disruptible on earth. In this documentary we feature Lyft and Ola and their rapid growth among the car using populace in emerging markets like India - illustrating the disruptive force of the sharing economy.

We’ll show how the biggest car manufacturers in the world are being forced to respond - and drastically innovate in order to survive. From their own car-sharing – and bike sharing - programmes through autonomous vehicles to re-imagining the car as a tech and entertainment space where the driving is almost an afterthought, they’re setting out to steal the thunder of these industry newcomers.

A century ago the Ford Motor Company was one of the original disrupters. The company’s current CEO Mark Fields tells us how it feels now the boot is on the other foot. It’s a story that takes us from Delhi to Detroit and sees the carmakers setting up shop in the backyard of some of their biggest disrupters – Silicon Valley.

Meanwhile, start-ups and tech giants have jumped in to the transport space. Companies like Ola are making it easier than ever before to use a car without owning the vehicle, and with technology companies re-imagining the entire concept of car travel with driverless cars, the auto industry is set for a period of radical transformation.


Sandra Jirásková

Recruitment manager

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